Appearance in Vogue Online
The craziest Photo Shoot! 

Dear readers,

Vogue EspaƱa has displayed my photo shoot with them on the cover of their website. Collaborating with Vogue is always great fun, and I'd like to give them many thanks! Keep a look out for my up and coming blog posts about my secret project with Vogue...

Insider Information: Fox Fur Scarves is the key word.

Thursday Inspiration

Our Thursday Moodboard!

halloween inspiration with Kate



So fucking trippy



Once again, it's the time to be jolly, wear cheesy snowman sweaters and casually get drunk on egg nog whilst listening to Bing Crosby.
A well known fact is that nothing is more magical than christmas lights, and a warm beverage accompanied by your loved ones.

Nevertheless, christmas is also known for the pressures of family gatherings and the stress brought on by the cold that always takes us by storm and surprise every year. Therefore, we would like to make your life easier by helping you with your christmas shopping list, as Patricia is also helping Santa.

Surprise your mother, sister, best friend or an acquaintance with an original, handmade jewellery from the Elf Patricia. Here is a collection of the most festive pieces. 

May you get pleasantly surprised under the mistletoe! 

1. For the golden child: SHRIMP BRACELET PVP 842€

Why wouldn’t the shrimp share his treasure? Because he was a little shellfish! Unlike this joke, this shrimp is very classy and can be worn to date night with your significant other, or friends! Combine it with a simple maxi dress and wedges for a captivating look. DETAILS: 18 carat gold.

2. For the artist: FRIDA THE SUNSHINE PVP 115€

The cause of this Yellow edition of Frida Kahlo, is to brighten up someones day, be it for christmas or a casual I-think-you're-great-and-I-want-to-make-you-happy thing. Combine it with your best friend, or someone who needs some cheering up, it'll bring out the colour and happy in them. Help us save the unhappy!

3. For the believer: MAGIC PVP 74€

This is the Gwyneth Paltrow, to your Chris Martin. If you don’t start wearing it soon, you might start singing about Magic. Once you’ve seen this beauty, you can not go back. Wouldn’t it look great with your LBD, and your favourite pair of killer heels? It’s a precious jewel, just like you. DETAILS: Swarovski pearls, rhodium, and gold plated chain and details.

4. For the teenager: BRACE YOURSELF PVP 220€

Embrace the braces! Your new look is here and you’ll look fabulous! The latest addition to our new The Art of Kissing collection is here. Brave, bold and beautiful, this is a piece to make you smile. Wear with a simple t-shirt and allow the lips to take over control. Brace yourself! DETAILS: Enamel, gold plated braces and chain.

5. For the dancer: FOXTROT FOX FUR SCAR PVP 720€

Trot around town as the most fashionable diva with this Foxtrot scarf. Combine it with your winter jacket (assuming its not multi-colored – but i guess that could work too) and a pair of moss green boots for a warm, and trendy look. Breaking into a foxtrot whilst wearing this beauty is expected, there is no need to feel embarrassed.

6. For the model: KISS AND LEG EARRING PVP 46€

The Kiss and Leg earring creates a frankenstein like, eerie fascination. The jewellery can be worn with a thick coat and silk scarf. The earrings are perfect when going to grab a drink with your girlies. Only the risk takers come here, are you brave enough? DETAILS: Enamel and gold metal chain.

                 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 
                              from all of us, to all of you


nov. 27 2014 

As you all know, I accepted the opportunity to design jewellery for Toro Osborne (#toroicon) a while back, and the release has come at last! It has been a great honour to work with them team at Toro Osborne, and I can't believe that the day has finally come to exhibit my pieces! 

In collaborative creative processes I usually try to translate the image and message of the collaborator with my style. Toro Osborne on the other hand allowed me to design pieces that reflected how I, personally feel about the company. It was a nice change of pace, and a lot more difficult! 

Ultimately I created three pieces (in line with my regular designs) united with the Toro Osborne symbol. Communication in today's society has developed from face-to-face conversations. Listening, seeing and speaking has taken on a technical advance whereby we don't need to be physically or emotionally present to communicate.

 Developing communicative technology is exciting and ever so useful, nevertheless I think that sometimes we forget to stretch our sensory muscles. I made an ear, an eye and a mouth to symbolize communication, in it's original form. It's stable, and it's how I feel about Osborne. It signifies heritage and taking a step back from the fashionable busy-bee life.

The ear embodies the importance of listening, that sometimes gets lost in the modern, express speed. 21st century life. My second piece exhibits a mouth, indicating another form of communication, that perhaps hasn't been forgotten.

Chattering never ceases, there is an overload of nonsense. Thirdly, I created an eye displaying that we live behind screens. We go to Paris, concerts, for coffee, yet we remain behind screens. We fail to actually see it. For me Toro Osborne means heritage and stability, just like our original means of communication: ears, eyes, and mouth.

The event was held in Madrid, Calle Ortega y Gasset ; great wine, nice ambient and the best spanish ham by Cinco Jotas. A catwalk, an exhibition and  6 great designers, and all very well organized by Fly To The Moon communication agency.
We had so much fun!  It was a day to remember !

Thank you to all the press, specially to TVE and TELEMADRID for the nice mention :)

Goodbye Leo, 
Hello Toro Osborne!
Patricia Nicolas Collaboration 2014 

The release of my collaboration with Toro Osborne is finally here. It's something I'm super excited about because it's a highly recognised Spanish icon in the world, but primarily because of what it means to me. To me, it is a symbol of the city I learnt to ride my bike and had my first heart break, even though I was just 11. I now understand, that my relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't real. Today however, it does not only represent childhood and heritage for me, but also rejuvenation. Toro Osborne has given me the opportunity to collaborate in making jewellery for their rejuvenation project. I have created a mouth, eye and ear all with the toro at the centre of each piece. This is to represent it's central placement in my society and developing as time goes on. It features the central senses focusing on the company in a natural, and beautiful process. Even though Leonardo DiCaprio and I grew apart, I will never grow apart from Toro Osborne.   

EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE EVENT: Toro Osborne is donating TWO TICKETS to the exclusive, private, launch party featuring Patricia Nicolas. To apply for these tickets, go to their facebook page, and in the comment section note down your name, and the name of your plus one.

Vogue Spain Jewellery Awards 2014

Yesterday we went to the Palace of La Bolsa in Madrid to celebrate the Vogue Spain Jewellery Awards 2014. We had fun, we danced, and drunk champagne! I am so proud to be featured in at the event with my father. Such a nice evening!

I am wearing a jumpsuit from Topshop, boots Chanel, the fox fur scarf, a new collection of fur scarfs I designed that you can buy on the web and my necklace, from my collection "For our eyes only".

Flamingo Market Place Collaboration

I met with Carla, from Flamingo Market Place about six months ago, and it started off great...There was chemistry, we laughed and we danced. 
The following months little egg idea were generated. We did not yet know what the product of the egg would be. A pancake? A duck? But we knew it was ours. The egg has now cracked, and out came Flamingo Brooches


We're both very proud, and we would like to share this collaboration with you on this beautiful day. 

Check it out on the website, it truly is one of a kind!