S . U . M . M . E . R !

Refreshing your...


Hey Everyone! It's definitely time to get ready for summer, and I'm not referring to achieving the ideal beach bod', hitting tanning salons, planning expensive trips, or splurging on summer dresses. Summer is a time to cleanse your body and mind, so don't forget to drink a lot of water, no, coca-cola light does not count as brown water, IT'S TOXIC!. 

I also advise you to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and if you're having problems with eating rabbit food, just imagine how fab your Instagram will look after a few green meals, hello followers! Finally it's also important to feed your mind, so get reading! I know what you're thinking, but reading hashtags, tweets and the back of your milk carton does NOT count as reading daily...

After focusing on your own well-being, I think it's a good idea for you to make sure your closet is doing well too. So clean it out, iron what needs to be ironed, hand wash what must be hand washed, and update your closet by checking out Fashion Pills for cool clothes and accessories where the Patricia Nicolas new pieces are stocked!

Fun Fact: Watermelon is a vegetable!

Merry Summer, you guys! 


Madrid Jewelry Workshop / Limited Availability

Learn the technical skills of jewelry making by the team from PATRICIA NICOLAS. 

The workshop is an exclusive event where you learn how to make the designer jewelry. In the class you will make your own Patricia Nicolas-style necklace using resin, Swarovski beads, and gold&silver plated chains to your liking. 

No prior experience is required.

WHEN: 30th of May between 12:30-14:00

WHERE: My Dress Showroom, C/ Sallustiano Olozaga 5, (RIGHT) 28001 Madrid

 Limited Availability


Clara Courel II

Let's Play True or False...

What Can You Find In Clara Courel's Apartment? 

As you may remember, the lovely Clara Courel invited me over for some biscuits, tea, and giggles, naturally we had a blast! (Girl Power with Clara Courel).
Clara's apartment is filled with interesting objects and stories, which I have photographic evidence of, and will share with you now! 

As the avid collector she is, I thought we'd play a little game I call "What can you find in Clara's Apartment?

Can you figure out which of these items can be found in her apartment (true), and which are false and cannot be found in her apartment?

1) Spock (the real deal)

2) Queen Elizabeth II (I was as surprised as you are)

3) A Youth Fountain (it is no longer a myth)

4) A Halloween Store (always wanted one at home)

5) Hello Kitty (she has a giant white cat)

Ok, it's all true. 

1) Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory would have loved Clara. What do they have in common? An undying love for Spock. Basically, all cool people like Startreck now. What has the world come to?

2) She has a life-sized cut out of the Queen. it's a good thing they caught a picture of dear old Elizabeth smiling the only, first, and last time

3) Well, it's kind of a youth fountain, she has an oriental asian doll in a glass box. The myth is, that Clara doesn't age as long as the doll is in the box. It's true, just take a look at her!

4) Her closet is filled with half glamour pop star outfits, half halloween store. I have never ever been so jealous of anyones closet in my life. She's real life Hannah Montana.

5) She has a giant Hello Kitty pez dispenser in her Kitchen. You know how you see toys that you really want, but you don't have space for and also, you're an adult? Well, after visiting Clara's apartment I'm going to buy that Hello Kitty lamp I saw yesterday, because I want to and I do have space. 

Read Clara Coure's Episode I here.



For the One Without a Date...

If you're just like this crab and want to get intimate with your special someone I suggest you bribe them with the Crab Meat necklace. 

Let the cheeky crab work its magic! 

Click on the crab and see…

Love our new model Laura Alice!



HOW TO : Look fabulous
Wear a sleep mask 

If you're the ultimate diva you probably wear a sleep mask to bed because being fabulous is the only way to go, and not even sleep can stop you! 

We can’t help you to look your best while asleep, and we know a sleep mask really just does a bare minimum, (and that's ok because se all drool in our sleep) but we can do something about when you’re awake! 

Wear this amazing African Tribal Sleep Mask necklace with a knit shirt top, a suede skirt and a pair of rustic leather sandals. 

You’ll look as comfortable and divine as when you’re wearing your sleep mask! 

I am wearing a Knit Shirt from American Apparel , and a suede skirt from Zara, and necklace from my new Cruise Collecion The Sleeping Masked beauty.


Theory of Gaia

Patricia Nicol├ís 


I have the pleasure of announcing Patricia Nicolas Jewelry's new collaboration with the italian Theory of Gaia website! The savy fashionistas are getting ready for Summer fashion, and so should we... So go spring clean your wardrobe, bring out all the colors, dreamy fabrics, sunglasses, and put down the fried chicken leg because believe it or not, summer isn't too far away!

Featuring are the delightfully summery products Fancy Cream Brooch and necklace, from the collection Food For Thought, as well as the necklace Billy Ocean and the earrings Seaweed from the latest collection, Bomb Shell. 

I can just see the fish in the clear blue water, and feel the taste of a cooling ice cream….soon

Summer here we come! 

All clothes from the online store THEORY OF GAIA